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I have had several requests for help on posting photos etc onto our forum. The simplest way is to post pictures as "attachments" ... you can also post pictures into the main body of your new topic or reply but the procedure is a little more difficult so I will deal with just posting attachments for now. Here goes :-

When starting a new topic or replying to a previous posting you will see " + Attachments and other options" directly underneath the posting box. Click on those words and another section opens up labelled "attach", next click on the "browse" button, find the picture you want from your computer, highlight it and click "open". That's it ... if you want to add more pics just click "more attachments" and go through the same procedure (up to a maximum of 10). Next click "post" and your picture(s) will be uploaded with your posting.

Give it a try, you won't break anything and you will find it easy to do after your first successful attempt.

Some more advice below which is a quote from one of my earlier topics.

When uploading images into posts, post attachments or to the Gallery, file sizes are very important. Image files taken from digital cameras etc. can be very large and will take a long time for you to upload and consequently a long time to dowload so that they can be viewed in the post etc. Best practice is to downsize your images to something like 800 x 600 (they will be plenty big enough at this size) before uploading them. You will find a big improvement in upload speeds and also the time it then takes for your images to be veiwed in your posts etc.
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