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Odd Character Sets
« on: April 17, 2016, 16:04. »
For members who have been seeing "odd" characters and signs in their posts I have just converted the database to read as UTF-8 characters. This function will convert all characters that are stored in the database as HTML-entities to UTF-8 characters. This is especially useful when you have just converted a forum from a character set like ISO-8859-1 where non-latin characters were originally used on the forum. The browser then sends all characters as HTML-entities. For example, the HTML-entity α represents the greek letter α (alpha). Converting entities to UTF-8 will improve searching and sorting of text and reduce storage size. Long story short, I hope members don´t see any more "odd" characters and signs in their posts, if you do, please inform me by posting and I will try to sort it out.
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